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Introducing the Jet Eyes B-52 ejection seat tag - the 3rd ejection seat tag by Jet-Eyes. 


The B-52 ejection seat tags were cut from a Weber Aircraft B-52 upward ejection seat. They come in 3 variants: Riveted, Thick, and Thin. Many of these tags are bi-color tags and feature green on them in addition to the grey. This green was found under hardware that was removed to cut these tags. Some tags even have decals on them as well. These bi-color and decal tags will be shipped first until they are gone, so if you want one you will need to order early. All tag variants feature the same artwork.


Riveted: The Riveted tags are very limited in quantity and all have rivets and at least one additional layer of skin in some areas. 


Thick: The thick tags are the heaviest of the variants and some have areas of double thickness and are nearly .25" thick! These double thickness tags will be shipped first until they are sold out, then the standard single thickness "thick" tags will be shipped. 


Thin: This is the thinnest variant of tag available.  


These tags come with an embossed ejection seat themed cardback. There is Stratopack combo set of B-52 Bomb Bay Door skin tags and a B-52 ejection seat tag listed on the homepage. This combo set comes with a thick variant tag.  


***Jet Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft parts. Jet-Eyes is in no way affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer. *** 

B-52 Upward Ejection Seat Tag

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