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Black Hawk! The 60 is one of the most requested tags and we are honored to add it to the line-up. 


The Black Hawk was developed in the mid 70s and began service with the Army in 1979. In addition to the Army, the aircraft serves with the USAF, Navy, and Coast Guard, as well as numerous government agencies. 5,000 UH-60s have been built as of this year.


These tags were cut from a Main Rotor Blade that was removed from aircraft 87-24596, a UH-60L. This material was tricky to work with! These blades are composite honeycomb with a titanium leading edge and a hollow titanium spar. The titanium spar is located just aft of the leading edge. 


These tags are offered in 3 variants: Titanium Spar, Green/Black Composite, and Aluminum. The Titanium Spar tags are the highlight of this batch and they were cut from the skin of the titanium spar. This spar runs the length of the blade. The Spar tags also feature exterior blade composite skin that was epoxied to the spar. These tags are very intricate and are something you really need to examine to appreciate the construction techniques used. They are nearly .25” thick and heavy! The etching on the Spar tags is located on the back (or inside) of the spar. The backs of these tags feature the exterior of the blade. We did this because titanium etches beautifully, and we wanted to highlight the titanium construction of this component. The etching on these has a blueish/purple hue and some elements are gold.


Also available is a Ti/Composite combo which includes a Titanium Spar tag and a Green/Black Composite tag. 


The Green/Black Composite tags are super interesting and cool tags. The entire blade was sanded for inspection and the mint/green color is the original color of the blade before it was painted black. These tags are fully composite and come with a printed design that looks so good on these tags.


The Aluminum tags were cut from the trailing edge of the blade and are all tapered. These too interesting and intricate tags, and come laser etched.


This tag comes with a card by Ryan Quickfall and the whole package is so good. Only 500 of these tags are available. 

UH-60L Black Hawk 87-24596 Main Rotor Blade Tag

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