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Black Hawk! The 60 is one of the most requested tags and we are honored to add it to the line-up. 


The Black Hawk was developed in the mid 70s and began service with the Army in 1979. In addition to the Army, the aircraft serves with the USAF, Navy, and Coast Guard, as well as numerous government agencies. 5,000 UH-60s have been built as of this year.


This tag was cut from aircraft 83-23847, a UH-60A. Before it was auctioned off, this aircraft served with the 2-238thGSAB, aka Hoosier DUSTOFF. “Dustoff” is the callsign used for all Army MedEvac helicopters. The term was first used in the Vietnam War, and it is still used today.


These tags were cut from both rear cabin doors, which feature the red and white medical/medevac crosses on them. This cross was also on the nose of the aircraft, but the nose was not cut up for tags. These tags are all aluminum with composite honeycomb backs. All tags are roughly 1/8” thick including the honeycomb. The variants offered are: Green, White, Red, Grey, Grey Stencil, Green/White, Red/White, and Red/White/Green. Most of these tags are Green and Grey. The Grey and Grey Stencil tags were cut from the inside of the door (the skin inside the cabin). 


Also offered are 2 sets. The Dustoff set includes a Red/White tag, a Green/White tag, and a Grey tag. The Solids set includes a Red tag, a Green tag, a White tag, and a Grey tag. 


This tag comes with a card by Ryan Quickfall and the whole package is so good. Only 1000 of these tags are available with some variants <10. 

UH-60A Black Hawk 83-23847 Rear Cabin Door Tag

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