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Over the Summer we released an orange UH-34 tag cut from an Operation Deep Freeze aircraft and teased an another UH-34 tag coming later in the year. With one week to go we're excited to keep good on that promise and are thrilled to drop a new green UH-34 tag cut from the horiztonal stabilizer and tail rotor blade of a different UH-34D. 


The H-34 (company designated S-58) has been deployed to every continent on the planet and has served with the militaries of 25 countries.The US Navy used it as an anti-submarine platform and it was the last piston-powered helicopter to be operated by the USMC.


This UH-34D Green tag is offered in 11 variants total with tags cut from either the horizontal stabilizer or a single tail rotor blade. The tail rotor tags are full-thickness double-sided tags. Some are nearly .75" thick! 


Horizontal stab tags variants (4):


Thin Green – Solid green single thickness tags.


Thick Green – Tags with rivets and structure. Some are 5-6 layers thick!


Walkway – Tags cut from the portion of the stab that had a non-skid coating. 


Walkway Bi-Color – Tags cut from the portion of the stab that have stencling and/or white paint. Some have rivets and non-skid as well!


Tail Rotor Variants (6):


Leading Edge - tags cut from the leading edge of the rotor blade. These tags feature a solid polished alunimnum finish on roughly one half of the tag. Color choice will be random and could be either red, white, black, or a bi-color tag. Thick and heavy! 


The other variants are as follows: Stencil, Black, Red, White, Bi-Color Red/White, Bi-color Red/Black. The amount of Bi-Color paint varies as does the amount of stenciling on the stencil tags. 


All tags have been laser etched and feature a frontal view of the H-34. 


Artwork for the cards was provided by BVR and tag art by Planeform. 

UH-34D Choctaw Helicopter Tag (Green)

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