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Introducing the Jet-Eyes UH-34D Choctaw helicopter tag! The H-34 (company designated S-58) has been deployed to every continent on the planet and has served with the militaries of 25 countries.The US Navy used it as an anti-submarine platform and it was the last piston-powered helicopter to be operated by the USMC.


The Jet-Eyes UH-34D tags were cut from an aircraft painted in Operation Deep Freeze livery – bright orange! Specifically, this run was cut from panels just aft of the cockpit. These panels featured colorful “RESCUE” stenciling as well as other decals. There is another UH-34 tag coming later this year. Both runs are limited to 300 tags. 


This first UH-34D tag is offered in 6 variants:


Orange – Solid orange tags.


Interior Grey – Tags cut from grey interior panels. Subdued artwork.


Decal – Tags featuring black and white decals. Full and partial coverage.


Non-skid – Dark green/grey tags that feature non-skid coating on the back.


Stencil – Tags that have black painted on stenciling.


RESCUE – Tags that feature yellow and/or black portions of the “RESCUE” arrow and text.


All tags have been laser etched and feature a highly detailed frontal view of the H-34. Very limited numbers of Stencil, Decal, and RESCUE tags are available.


Artwork for the cards was provided by BVR and depicts a section of H-34s operating in chilly conditions – a nod to the orange Operation Deep Freeze livery this aircraft was painted in.

UH-34D Choctaw Helicopter Tag

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