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Welcome to the refreshed "block 2" C-5A tags. These tags get an updated etching and come on our new cards. 


We love big airplanes and big engines at Jet-Eyes. The small fast stuff is fun, but the heavy metal is special. The C-5A is, well, about as big as it gets as far as military airlift is concerned. The jet was developed in the 1960s and provides the US Military with the capability to move large and oversized cargo anywhere in the world. You don’t need us to blabber on about how rad this aircraft is – it speaks for itself.


These tags were cut from the engine cowl of the mighty GE TF39 turbofan. The TF39 was developed especially for the C-5A and it was the FIRST high-bypass turbofan engine ever developed. Every aircraft flying today has engines hanging from its wings that were developed from the engineering used to create the TF39. The engine this cowl was removed from aircraft 70-0459. 


In the late 2000s, the C-5’s TF39s were traded out for the enhanced GE F-138 engines, which provided the aircraft with significantly improved performance. The aircraft also received many other upgrades, and a name: the “C-5M Super Galaxy.” Our tags were cut from scrap TF39 fan cowl skin and other parts when these engines were removed.


The block 2 C-5A Fan Cowl tags are offered in 2 variants (Black/Grey and Grey) and a "Heavy Set." The Heavy Set features tags from our other airlifters and includes a Black/Grey C-5 tag, a Thick C-141 tag, and a Carbon C-17 tag. All C-5A tags are aluminum honeycomb and roughly 3/8" thick. 


All tags come with cards with celestial art by BVR. 


This run is only 500 tags with very limited quantities of some variants.

C-5A Galaxy 70-0459 Engine Cowl Tag

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