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It’s Tweet time! The T-37 was the USAF’s primary trainer for over 50 years, and has a special place in the hearts of the many pilots who flew it. The Tweet’s distinctive shape looks so good on these tags and we’re pleased to add the type to our tag family.


The XT-37 first flew in 1954 with the T-37A being delivered to the Air Force in 1956. The aircraft was underpowered and a B variant was made that increased thrust by 10% and offered improved avionics. 552 T-37Bs were delivered to the USAF through the early 70s, and the entire T-37A fleet was upgraded to B specs. A total of 1269 T-37s were produced with the Air Force retiring the aircraft in 2009. The type was also used to develop the A-37 Dragonfly – a light attack aircraft that saw combat during the Vietnam War.


This launch is a first for JET EYES in that we are releasing tags cut from 2 known T-37s plus an additional few tags cut from T-37 components we had kicking around the HQ.


This run is comprised of 1200 tags total. The first 750 were cut from aircraft 68-8019. Another 250 (751-1000) were cut from a flap removed from aircraft 58-1975. Tags 1001-1200 were cut from additional T-37 parts we had on hand. All metal tags feature the same T-37B laser etched art and come with the USAF serial number corresponding to the aircraft they were cut from.


The meat and potatoes of this release are tags cut from T-37B 68-8019. This aircraft was originally constructed as a T-37B. This aircraft was released from AMARC and the cockpit was preserved for static display. We cut tags from the portions of the aircraft just aft of the cockpit. These tags are very interesting in that they were cut from the area of the aircraft that was destroyed at the AMARC during the demilling process. Many of these tags show evidence of this process and are a neat remnant marking how these aircraft are destroyed prior to sale.


A total of 7 variants cut from 68-8019 are offered. They are: White, Blue, Blue/White, Red/White, Grey, Green, and Stainless Steel. The colored tags were all cut from painted fuselage skin with the Grey and Green tags cut from internal structure. The Stainless Steel tags were cut from portions of the fuselage just aft of the engine exhaust. THESE TAGS ARE LISTED AS "Variant 8019"; for example "Blue 8019".


A total of 2 variants were cut from a flap removed from aircraft 58-1975. This aircraft was originally constructed as a T-37A and later converted to a T-37B. They are Blue and White. These tags are very clean and feature pristine and very glossy paint. Some of the Blue tags have rivet holes and some of the White tags have rivets. THESE TAGS ARE LISTED AS "Variant 1975"; for example "White 1975".


A total of 4 variants were cut from a panel removed from the nose of aircraft. They are White, Blue, Blue/White, and Red/Blue. These tags are a little thicker many have additional structure on the backside. The Red/Blue are the most visually striking tags offered in this release and were cut from the red US AIR FORCE stencil on the nose of aircraft. THESE TAGS WILL NOT BE LISTED WITH ANY NUMBERS FOLLOWING THEM; for example, for example "Blue/White". 


To round things out were offering a few tags cut from the windscreen of a T-37. These tags get our clear tag treatment and feature a white printed T-37 with elements of the card art in the background. These tags were made using the same technique as the U-2R Clear tags and the HC-130H Scanner Window tags. THIS TAG WILL BE LISTED AS "Windscreen (Clear)". 


All 14 variants come with a Tweet cloud surfing card by BVR. Many variants are super limited and there are a few surprises mixed in.


Also included is the next JETORAMA letter for all tags ordered on launch day (8/11)(max of 2 per customer). And because there are so many to choose from we will include a JETORAMA Joker in all orders of 3 or more tags made on launch day (max of 1 per customer).


ALSO, a free tag cut from the fuel tank bladder will be included with all tags ordered on launch day (max of 2 per customer, while supplies last.) This fuel bladder was removed from aircraft 68-8019.


These are some awesome tags, and a chance to add 2 USAF serial numbers to your collection!

T-37B Tweet 68-8019 + 58-1975 Aircraft Tag

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