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US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


Supermarine Spitfire NH523, a Mk IX, was built in 1944. Upon completion, it was allocated to 132 Squadron where it saw active service. After supporting D-Day operations, 132 Squadron was moved on 25 June 1944 to Amblie, Normandy to support the invasion of Europe.


On 2 July 1944, while based in Amblie, Spitfire NH523 was engaged in a dog fight with a Focke Wolfe 190 and was shot up. The pilot managed to fly the damaged aircraft back to Amblie where he crash-landed. The pilot sustained only minor injuries.


NH523 was returned to 33 Maintenance Unit in England on 26 December 1944 where it was repaired. With repairs complete, the aircraft took off for a ferry flight on 20 January 1945. The ATA ferry pilot encountered a snowstorm over Stonton Wood in Leicestershire and was forced to abandon the aircraft. The unpiloted aircraft crashed at 1445 and was destroyed.


The Jet-Eyes Supermarine Spitfire tags have been cut from recovered wing panels and fuel tank skin from NH523.


These tags are offered in 3 variants: Painted Wing Skin, Raw Wing Skin, and Fuel Tank Skin. The Painted Wing Skin tags feature original aircraft paint while the Raw Wing Skin tags are bare or have very little remaining paint. The Fuel Tank Skin tags have been cut from the front panel of the fuel tank in the nose of the aircraft. Only 140 total NH523 tags will ever be made.


NOTE: Some of the Raw Wing Skin tags have paint remnants and many of the Painted Skin tags have areas where paint is missing. There is significant variance in surface finish for all variants. Tags sold as Painted Skin tags will come with all or some of the artwork printed in Spitfire Blue/Grey whereas the Raw Skin tags will come with black art. Most of the tags have interior paint (mostly black) on the back of them. 


The Painted Wing Skin tags feature Spitfire grey/blue artwork while the Raw Wing Skin and Fuel Tank Skin tags feature black artwork. Due to the significant variance in condition and color of these tags, they were printed individually and may have different ink color combinations in order to present a design that contrasts well with the skin/paint color.


***A limited number of full sets are also available for sale.*** 


The photos on the front and back of the cardback that accompanies each tag were provided by Camden Thrasher. A close friend of mine provided the narrative covering the history of NH523 which is on the back of the card. Tag art provided by Planeform. 


These tags will forever commemorate an aircraft that played a pivotal role in stopping evil. I am honored to offer a tag made from a true war hero – NH523.


***Jet-Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft parts. Jet-Eyes is in no way affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer. *** 


Supermarine Spitfire NH523 Aircraft Tag

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