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The 4th installment of the Jet Eyes ejection seat series brings you an EJECTED SJU-5 seat tag! The Martin-Baker SJU-5 was based on the Mk10 seat and was used exclusively in early F/A-18 Hornets.


These tags were cut from the seat bucket of a Martin-Baker SJU-5 (s/n MQJ 0223).  The specific history of the seat is unknown, but we do know it was ejected, successfully. Unlike our previous ejection seat tags, this one comes from a modern seat that features a lot of neat angles and structure that really make these tags stand out. These tags are also substantially larger than our previous ejection seat tags, but share the same tag shape. Additionally, we decided that an ejected F-18 seat tag deserved a dedicated cardback, so BVR stepped in and created stunning art featuring a pilot and seat making their way out of a wayward Hornet. These tags are laser etched and feature the same Planeform F-18 art that was on our F/A-18A+ tag. 


This tag is offered in a 3 variants: Thin, Thick, and Structured. The Thin tags were cut from the bottom and back of the bucket and are thinner sheet metal. The Thick tags feature areas of milled out aluminum, have variable thicknesses, and come with a polished edge. The Structured tags were cut from the sides of the seat and have significant deviation in surface thickness and structure. Some have screws and fasteners and some have portions of the data plates. There are very few Structured tags.


The SJU-5 tags are offered solo or paired with a White F/A-18A+ tag, of which there are not many left. This Hornet Set (White F/A-18 tag and a Thick SJU-5 tag) are available on this listing on the drop down menu. 

SJU-5 Ejection Seat Tag

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