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The S-76 is iconic. It was Sikorsky’s first helicopter dedicated to the civilian market and was wildly successful. The aircraft was originally designated the S-74 but was changed to S-76 to honor the US Bicentennial. The type was extremely popular with the offshore oil industry, and eventually found solid footing in the VIP transport sector. The type has made several notable flights including the first East to West circumnavigation by a helicopter. A total of 875 S-76s have left the factory since the first in 1977.


Our S-76 tags were cut from the fuselage of S-76C S/N 760426. This aircraft was made in 1995 and was registered as N548GB.


The high gloss candy paint on this aircraft was stunning, and the S-76C tags are offered in 6 variants: Pearl, Yellow, Purple, Yellow/Pearl, Purple/Pearl, and Tri-Color. All tags come laser etched with the same artwork. We used a new technique to etch most of the tags which resulted in a higher contrast dark grey etching that looks fantastic. The Purple tags are the only variant that come with the more standard silver etched finish.


***The 825 Set is an 8/25 launch day only set that includes a Tri-Color S-76C tag, a Hi-Temp FDR tag, and a CVR (CVR) tag.***


Some of the tags feature heavy riveting and structure and some are flat. Only 500 S-76C tags are offered for sale and several variants are limited to only a few. We love our helos at JET EYES, and the S-76 is a worthy addition to the family.


Accompanying the S-76C tags is an all-business card by BVR that depicts our aircraft landing downtown. The colors on the card compliment the tags perfectly.

S-76C 760426 Fuselage Tag

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