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The P-3 Orion is easily in our top 3 most requested tags. And it’s not surprising given its rich history, versatility, and incredible toughness. We are excited to finally offer tags cut from a bomb bay door off a US Navy P-3. Of the parts we had to choose from for this run, the bomb bay door was the easy winner.


The P-3 began its life in the 1950s and still proudly serves with multiple countries’ armed forces, and domestically as a firefighting aircraft, customs patrol aircraft, and a weather/Earth research platform, among others. It’s tough and gets the job done. The airframe is based on the L-188 Electra and was designed to replace the P2V and P5M with a more advanced sub hunter and maritime patrol platform.


Navy squadrons first received production aircraft in 1962 and it has proudly served the US Navy for over 50 years, joining the likes of the B-52, KC-135, C-130, and the U-2. 


Our P-3 Orion tags were cut from a single bomb bay door with its original US Navy gloss grey paint. The Orion can carry a variety of weapons on eight internal bomb bay stations as well as 10 wing stations.


The variants offered are: Navy Grey, Navy Grey Rivets, White, White Rivets, Inner Green, and Hinge. Also offered is an Orion Set that comes with a Navy Grey Rivets, a White Rivets, and a Green tag. All tags feature the same laser etched art and come with a polished edge.


The Navy Grey tags are single thickness grey tags and were cut from the outer skin of the door.


The Navy Grey Rivet tags were also cut from the outer skin and feature multiple layers with rivets. These tags are some of the thickest riveted tags we’ve offered.


Both White tags were cut from the inside skin of the door. The White Rivets tags all have a full double layer of material.


The Inner Green tags were cut from interior ribs that connected the outer grey and inner white skin panels/skin. Some of these tags have manufacturer stamps on them.


The Hinge tags feature the thickest sections of the door and uniquely feature all 3 colors of paint (grey on the front, and white and green on the back).


We've limited this run to only 400 tags. 

P-3 Orion Bomb Bay Door Tag

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