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**This item is for purchase by Kestrel Lotto Winners only. All other orders will be cancelled.**


The P.1127 and FGA.1 were the designations given to the prototype aircraft that lead to the development of the Harrier V/STOL fighter/attack aircraft. A total of 9 Kestrel FGA.1 aircraft were built. These aircraft were part of a tripartite evaluation squadron that included pilots from the UK, USA, and West Germany. There were 6 aircraft that were transferred to the US for evaluation; these aircraft were given the new designation of XV-6A.


The Jet-Eyes Kestrel tags were cut from the skin of aircraft XS694 and XS689. In 2017 this aircraft and its engine were purchased by Jet-Eyes founder, Ryan. The aircraft had bounced around the US since its retirement and at one point was used at a paintball park!


XS689 and XS694 were both used at the NASA Langley Research Center for testing and evaluation. They went by the callsigns NASA 520 (XS694) and NASA 521 (XS689). At some point during its time at NASA, components (namely the wings) from XS689 were cannibalized and used on XS694. Many panels on XS694 (which constituted most of the aircraft) were stenciled with "XS689". After nearly a year of the aircraft sitting in Ryan's front yard the aircraft (known as XS694) was sold to a museum in the UK where it is undergoing a full restoration. XS689 now hangs from the ceiling of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.


The Jet-Eyes Kestrel tags were cut from 2 small fuselage panels; one off XS694 and one off a panel stenciled XS689 for a total of 10 tags; 6 from XS694 and 4 from XS689. Please note: the first 5 lottery winners will be given the opportunity to buy a tag cut from XS694 and the last 3 winners a tag from XS689.


Another neat feature of these tags is the cardback they come with. These cards were cut from the sheet metal that was used to fabricate a faux vertical stabilizer that was attached to the aircraft when it was at the paintball park. These cards come printed with the aircraft info and its NASA callsign. Also printed on the front of the card is aircraft XS694 in a hover.


This is a very special tag that with incredible history. We are honored to release it and look forward to announcing the winners on Tuesday 27 September!

FGA.1 / XV-6A Kestrel Aircraft Tag

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