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We are pleased to offer up a rebooted version of our origianal Mohawk tags! These "Block 2 tags" feature our updated card, tag shape(s), and a fresh tag design. They also come with our Card Guards. 


The OV-1 was an American observation and light attack aircraft operated by the US ARMY. It was designed to replace the L-19 Bird Dog. The Navy and USMC had planned to acquire the type, but dropped out of the program, leaving only ARMY to operate the Mohawk. The ARMY used the Mohawk in Vietnam, where a single OV-1 shot down a MiG-17, and during Desert Storm. 31 OV-1s were converted to RV-1Ds, which came with advanced ELINT gathering packages. A total of 380 Mohawks were produced.


Our OV-1B tags were cut from 2 separate elevators and are green. They are offered in 2 variants: Thin and Rivet Hole. The Thin tags are single layer tags… a few of these have stenciling on them. The Rivet Hole tags have 2+ rivet holes in them and many have quite a few more. The etching on these is super clean and contrasts so well against the green paint.


A Mohawk Combo will be available that comes with the Thin OV-1B tag and a Thin RV-1D tag. To buy the combo, please visit the RV-1D listing on the Home Page. 


These Block 2 tags look so good and there are not many left. Act quick to snag one before they leave the building. 

OV-1B Mohawk Elevator Tag

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