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We love all our pointy nosed and stealthy stuff here, but FAC (forward air controller) and observation aircraft play an equally important role on the battlefield and are often far more dangerous missions to fly – low and slow over hostiles during active firefights.


The Cessna O-2 Skymaster is based off the civilian 337 Super Skymaster. The O-2 was designed to replace the O-1 Bird Dog and first entered service with the United States Air Force in 1967. The O-2 was used for Forward Air Controller (FAC) and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS). O-2s used for PSYOPS were outfitted with loudspeakers and dropped leaflets over Vietnam. A total of 513 O-2s were built.


The O-2 Skymaster tags were cut from a camouflage elevator and turned out so good! These tags are offered in 5 variants: Grey, Olive, Green, Brown, and Camo. There are very few camo tags, and the transitions are more subtle on a few of these. A few of the solid colors may feature other colors but to a lesser extent.


The O-2 tag is also offered in a set with our O-1A tags. This “Oscar Set” is found under the O-1A listing and includes a Green/Yellow O-1A tag, Olive O-2 Skymaster tag, and an Air Drop from each. To learn more aboout our O-1A tag, please visit the listing on the homepage. 


In addition to the tags, the O-2 will be offered as an Air Drop. The Air Drops can be found under the Air Drops tab on the homepage. 


All tags ship on a card that features art by BVR. The O-2 tags are limited to 200 total tags. 

O-2 Skymaster Elevator Skin Tag

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