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US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


The T-38 looks fast standing still! The Talon first flew in the 1950s and it has trained more military pilots than any jet trainer. It is also used by NASA to train astronaut candidates and as a chase plane. The T-38 continues to serve the USAF in the advanced jet trainer role but will begin a phaseout in 2023, being replaced by the T-7 Red Hawk. 


The Jet-Eyes T-38 tags will be offered in 5 different variants: White, White with Rivets, White with Fastener, Stencil, and Inner Decal. The White tags are single thickness with no lettering or rivets. The White with Rivets tags feature a riveted area and are double thickness. The White with Fastener feature a quick release screw/fastener. The Stencil tags feature stenciled lettering on them, and the Inner Decal tags feature portions of decals that were located on the inside of the skin panel. These Inner Decal tags are also printed on BOTH sides using the same art so that you can decide which side you would like to display. Some variants are very limited in availability. 


There are 5 complete sets available for sale. The T-38 tag can also be purchased in a combo pack with the US Navy's advanced jet trainer tag: the T-45 Goshawk. That combo is available on the home page. 


The cardback for the T-38 tag features original artwork by Tim Steiner with tag art by Planeform. 


***Jet-Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft parts. Jet-Eyes is in no way affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer. *** 

T-38 Talon Aircraft Tag

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