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Wow – A NASA T-38N! This was not on the schedule when we rolled into January this year. A month or so ago, we learned of a NASA T-38 that had been auctioned off by NASA years ago due to damage that happened during a storm while parked on the ramp. We purchased the cockpit of the aircraft to restore the interior back to spec for display. The first order of business for the restoration was to trim the back off, which provided the material for this tag run.  


The Northrop T-38 Talon is a supersonic jet trainer that was developed in the late 1950s to replace the T-33 Shooting Star. The Talon began operating with the USAF in 1961 and is slated to be replaced by the T-7 Red Hawk beginning in 2023. Several T-38As were reassigned to NASA in the 1960s to train astronauts. The updated T-38N continues to serve in this role with NASA, who currently operates 32 aircraft. A total of 1,189 T-38s have been produced.


This limited run of 385 tags was cut from aircraft 65-10352 (N910NA), a T-38A that was upgraded to a T-38N prior to being written off. These tags were cut from the fuselage and intake skin just aft of the cockpit. There are several remarkable photos of this aircraft online with former astronauts, including John Young – Commander of Apollo 16. This aircraft was also featured in Story Musgrave’s book, “The NASA Northrop T-38.”


This exceptional tag is available in 5 variants: Green, NASA White, NASA Blue, Blue/White, and Tri-Color.


Also available is a NASA White Tag plus a T-38N Air Drop. For more info on the Air Drop, please view its listing on the Air Drops page. 


The Green tags are the only tags cut from inner structure and are very interesting – some have additional green colors and stamps.


The remaining tags were cut from exterior skin. The multi-color tags were cut from the blue NASA stripes that ran the length of the aircraft. All tags have been cut to our new NASA shape, which was derived from the A in the NASA worm logo. Tags featuring blue paint are very limited.


All tags have been laser etched and come on a card by BVR.

NASA T-38N Talon S/N 65-10352 Fuselage Tag

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