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No combat aircraft could effectively do its job without tanker gas. If the tanker falls, out missions are cancelled and things don’t get done. Based on the Dash-80, the KC-135 Stratotanker has served the USAF since 1957.


The Jet-Eyes KC-135 tags have been cut from inboard aileron skin panels off a KC-135. They are the thickest aircraft skin tags Jet-Eyes has released measuring a whopping .77” thick in areas! They are comprised of 2 layers of aluminum skin with an aluminum honeycomb core. These tags are offered in 2 variants: Dark Grey and Light Grey. The Dark Grey tags feature the iconic matte dark grey exterior paint that covers the entire KC-135. The Light Grey tags were cut from the underside and interior portions of the of the aileron and have a satin finish. Both tags are roughly the same thickness and weight. The Dark Grey tags will have odd serial numbers and the Light Grey tags even numbers. Combo sets will be available that will have consecutive serial numbers (2/3, 8/9, etc).


Accompanying these tags is a card by BVR that gives you the view of the KC-135’s boom if you were approaching the jet to refuel. The tags feature line-art by Planeform with the probe extended and slick engine fan detail!


Only 400 of these tags were cut.

KC-135 Stratotanker Aileron Skin Tag

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