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The Boeing 747 needs no introduction. The Queen of the Skies first flew in 1969 and was the first plane to be called a "Jumbo Jet". The 747-400 first entered service in 1989 and was a much improved aircraft. It could fly higher, faster, and use less gas than the classic 747s, and with the addition of a "glass cockpit" the required crew size was shrunk from 3 to 2. Our 747-400 Jet-Eye has been cut from a passenger window of a 747-400, and features the original 747-400 rollout livery. 


Every Jet-Eye tag is laser cut from real aircraft windows. Our tags are 100% sourced by us and are laser cut and printed in house, featuring custom artwork. All Jet-Eyes are printed in full color on the front and left clear on the back to showcase the original finish. 


All of our tags are available in inner or outer window tags. The stock photo is of an inner window tag. The inner windows are approximately .20-.24" thick and the outer windows are nearly .5" thick and many have a beveled edge. The outer window tags require significantly more processing after cutting and cost more as a result. The outer windows were the part of the window that acutally was the outermost window pane and made contact with the air/wind in flight. Please keep in mind that the outer windows show various amounts of wear from being exposed to the elements in flight as well as being stored outside in desert boneyards! 


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