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Introducing the Jet-Eyes 2021 Year One Anniversary tag. This tag pays tribute to the first Jet-Eyes tag – a Boeing 777 passenger window tag as well as the printing process used in the manufacturing of Jet-Eyes tags.


All modern passenger windows are 2 layers thick. In the past Jet-Eyes passenger window tags were offered in inner and outer window variants, with the outer window tags being thicker. The Jet-Eyes 2021 Anniversary tag is a double-stacked 777 window tag that features both the outer and inner window.


One of the hallmarks of Jet-Eyes tags are the printed designs on them. This artwork is applied to each tag in a special printing process that uses permanent UV light-cured ink. All of the colors and designs you see on Jet-Eyes tags are derived from 4 ink plate colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – known as the CMYK color model.


The 2021 Anniversary tag and cardback features artwork that highlights these colors. The outer window, or top tag, features a Boeing 777 top-down schematic and black text with a clear background. The inner window, or bottom tag, features a Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow gradient to complete the color model, and give the tag a big splash of color. The artwork for both the top and bottom tags is printed on the backside of the tag so you are looking “through” the window to view the artwork. This adds incredible depth to the design.


The top and bottom tag are both serialized with matching serial numbers. Only 100 2021 Anniversary tags will be offered for sale, and they will be removed from the site after 2 weeks, or when they sell out.


Many of these tags have a beveled edge on the outer window (top) tag. This is due to the tag being cut from the edge of the window. These beveled edge tags will be offered at the same price on a first-come first served basis by selecting your preference on a drop-down menu on the product page. Selecting the beveled edge option does NOT guarantee that you will receive one - it simply lets me know that you want one if there are some left. 


2021 was a great first year for JET-EYES! I appreciate your support of and enthusiasm for JET-EYES tags. 

JET-EYES 2021 Year One Anniversary / Boeing 777 Window tag

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