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***Please note. These tags will ship with the new JET EYES card pictured in the main photo.***


Our first Coast Guard release is a stunner! We are super pleased to bring you our second Hercules tag and the most colorful and varied tag to date.


These tags were cut from HC-130H CGNR 1720 (C/N 382-5120). This aircraft was delivered to the USAF in 1988 as S/N 87-0156 and later transferred to the Coast Guard. This Herc served the USCG proudly at Barbers Point (Hawaii) and Clearwater (Florida) before being retired and scrapped this year. The aircraft left service with a whopping 26,259 fight hours and 10,423 landings. We were fortunate enough to rescue some material for this tag run before this plane was shredded.


We blew our old record out of the water with this one and are offering these tags in, wait for it, 17 variants. Here they are:


Solid Colors: Blue, Orange, Red, White, Black, Green, Grey (Cockpit).


Color Combos: Orange/White, Blue/White, Black/White, Red/White, Yellow/White, USCG Emblem (Printed), Tri-Color (Red/White/Blue), Tri-Color FG (Fiberglass/Printed), and Multi-Color (see below).


Most of these tags are white. Many colors and combos are limited to only a few with some <10. Tags with red in them were cut from the prop arc line that goes around the fuselage. The green tags were cut from fuselage structure directly behind the USCG Emblem. The Red/White and Yellow/White are comprised almost exclusively of stencils. The Multi-Colored tags are primarily white tags with a hint of additional color(s) in areas.


In addition to the many color options, tags cut from the port side Scanner Window are also available. This large window sits just behind the cockpit and below the USCG Emblem. These tags are thick and are our best clear tags yet. They feature a white HC-130H with elements of the radical BVR card art in the background.


This run is limited to 1000 tags.

HC-130H Hercules CGNR 1720 Aircraft Tags

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