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US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


The Jet-Eyes OV-1/RV-1D Mohawk tags have landed. These tags have been cut from 2 different aircraft: a vintage Vietnam-era green OV-1 and aircraft 64-14246, a grey RV-1D (converted from an OV-1). Only 31 OV-1s were converted to RV-1Ds to serve as electronic intelligence gathering aircraft.


The green tags come in 3 variants: Green, Stencil, and Green with Stiffener. The Green with Stiffener tags feature a sheet metal stiffener section on the back which is nearly ½” thick. These tags were printed individually due to their irregular backs. Some of the Stencil tags have this stiffener section on the back of them. The Stencil are very limited in number. The art on these tags is a frontal view of an OV-1 with a full color roundel and yellow lettering to match the paint scheme of Vietnam-era OV-1 aircraft. Only 250 green OV-1 tags will be made.


The “246” grey tags come in 4 different variants: Thin Grey, Thick Grey, Black, and Bi-color. The Bi-color are grey and black, and many have rivets. The Black and Bi-color tags are very limited in number. The art on these tags is a frontal view of an RV-1D with a camel next to the aircraft serial number. Aircraft 246 had camels painted on its nose gear door to signify missions flown. Only 175 RV-1D tags will be made.


Cardback and tag artwork for these tags was provided by BVR and Planeform. 


***Jet-Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft parts. Jet-Eyes is in no way affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer. *** 

OV-1 / RV-1D Mohawk Aircraft Tags

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