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The Grand Slam bomb tags are one of those tags that may never be offered again. These tags were cut from skin panels that were removed from the Grand Slam that is on display at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitors Centre while it was undergoing restoration. The Grand Slam, a 22,000 lb earthquake bomb, was used against German targets during WWII and was dropped from specially modified Avro Lancasters. Only 99 were built and 42 were used. This one is special and a tag I’ve been extremely excited about since acquiring the skin last year.


The Grand Slam bomb tags come in 2 variants: Torpex and Lancaster. The Torpex tags come with the Torpex chemical structure diagram. Torpex D1 was the filling used in the Grand Slam. The Lancaster tags come with a small Lancaster aircraft to the left of the bomb. The Torpex tags are significantly more limited than the Lancaster. Only 99 tags were salvaged from this skin. These tags are also offered together as a "Bomber Set". Card art for the Grand Slam was provided by my bud Tim Steiner!


Note: there is significant variation in surface condition and paint on the Grand Slam tags. Some are fully covered in paint and some are completely barren and have areas of heavy corrosion. Most tags are partially covered in paint. A good number of tags also have rivet holes.

Grand Slam Bomb Tail Section Tag

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