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The F2G Super Corsair Canopy tag is here! This tag is an updated version (Block 2) of our original F2G tag. This tag now follows our standard canopy glass design that features a white aircraft with a full color translucent print behind it. These tags also ship on our new cards. 


Only 10 F2G Super Corsairs were built, making this canopy tag the rarest in the Jet-Eyes line-up. The F2G was an upgraded version of the F4U Corsair. One upgraded feature of the F2G over the F4U was this new bubble canopy.


The Block 2 (updated) F2G Canopy tag come in a single variant: Thin. The serial numbers for these tags pick-up where our original tags left off, meaning that about 100 are left. 


The tags come with a cardback with art by BVR on the front and a frontal F2G schematic by Planeform. 

F2G Super Corsair Canopy Glass Tag

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