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Please note, the Black variant of this tag now features laser etched art. Reference the second photo to see an example. The red printed tag is no longer available. 


The Jet-Eyes F-111 Bomb Bay door tags have arrived on time and on target. The tags were cut from a bomb bay door off a General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark. These doors are over 4” thick in areas and are filled with aluminum honeycomb. A 70K PSI waterjet was used to cut this material into full-thickness tags. After the tags were cut, most were then trimmed down to .25 - .35” thickness. A small number of tags that were located around the edge of the doors were cut thicker (roughly .5 - .75” thick). 


The F-111 tag comes in 4 variants: Black, Stencil, Thick, and Thick Stencil. All variants feature a frontal view of the F-111 with bombs dropping from its open bomb bay.


The Black and Stencil tags are all .25 - .35” thick with aluminum honeycomb on the back. Some have areas where the honeycomb is missing. The artwork on the Black tag is all red. The Stencil tags feature original yellow stenciling with a grey F-111, red windscreens, and colored bombs.


The Thick tags were cut from the edge of the bomb bay door. These tags are all double-layered and have a combo of honeycomb and the interior white skin on the backside. Some have rubber gasket material on them as well. These tags are all unique and some even have a slightly unique shape. These tags feature a camo F-111 with gold windows and colored bombs.


The Thick Stencil tags (there are only 3) feature the same camo F-111 as the Thick tags and have thicker aluminum structure on the backside in addition to the aluminum honeycomb.  


Only 250 F-111 tags will be made. There will be full-sets available, but these sets will not include the Thick Stencil tags. The full-sets now come with free domestic shipping (refunded when your order is shipped). International customers who purchase full-sets will get upgraded DHL shipping from the standard USPS rate.


THE FIRST 100 F-111 TAGS ORDERED WILL GET A FREE INNER WHITE TAG THAT IS COMPLETELY UNFINISHED. These white tags are inner bomb bay door skin and are left totally raw and unprinted. These tags may have sharp edges - be careful! 

F-111 Aardvark Bomb Bay Door Tags

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