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US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


Introducing the Jet-Eyes “FOX 9” UH-1 Iroquois helicopter tag. This tag in the first official Jet-Eyes helicopter tag and was cut from the skin of a UH-1 that was prominently used during the filming of the 2017 movie “Kong: Skull Island”. The aircraft was used in several scenes, and was referred to as FOX 9 in a scene (31:40) where Kong downs the craft then crushes it during a rescue attempt.


The FOX 9 tags were cut from various fuselage skin panels as well as an engine access panel from this UH-1, the remains of which made their way to a desert boneyard after production of the movie was over. The engine access panel is made of aluminum honeycomb and features very neat bomb stenciling.


These tags will are offered in 6 different variants:


Thin Exterior: Single thickness sheet metal tag.


Riveted Exterior: Tags that feature rivets and multiple layers of skin. Some of these tags feature several layers of skin and some only have 1 additional layer. 


Engine Cover Green: ½” thick aluminum honeycomb tags. Very limited in availability.


Engine Cover Stenciled: ½” thick aluminum honeycomb tags that feature white bomb stenciling. Very limited in availability.


Vent Tags: Aluminum tags with a vented area – cut from the engine access panel. There are only 2.


Thrashed tags: Tags cut from the engine access panel that bears the scars of its encounter with Kong. Some of these tags have stenciling on them. Very limited in availability.


There are 5 full sets available. These sets do not include the Vent or Thrashed tags. 


All tags feature the same artwork which consists of UH-1 skeletal artwork along with a “stenciled” mini-bomb that is a scaled down version of the stencils that were on the engine panel. 


The cardback artwork is an original sketch by Tim Steiner, a former E-2C squadron mate of mine. The UH-1 tag artwork was provided by Planeform. Only 250 FOX 9 UH-1 tags will ever be made.


**Jet-Eyes uses real aircraft parts and is not affiliated with Bell Aircraft or Warner Bros Studios.**

FOX 9 UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter Tag

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