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We released an FDR tag early on at JET EYES that has been sold out for a while and get asked often if/when we're doing another. The time has come! 


The Flight Data Recorder tags were cut from an FDR Model 209F (by Lockheed) Ser No. 3407. This device was constructed to survive extreme conditions and that was evident when dismantling and cutting it. The forward part of the outer housing was constructed of a high temp nickel alloy. This portion of the “box” housed the data that would have been collected post mishap. The aft portion of the box was made of aluminum. This is where the recording components and circuitry was located… items not critical after a mishap. Of note, scribbled on this FDR was N707AA, which was a former American Airlines 727. This bit of insight inspired the 727 artwork on these tags.


The FDR tags are offered in 4 variants: Hi-Temp Heavy, Hi-Temp, Aluminum, and Circuit Board.


The Hi-Temp tags were all cut from the forward part of the box and feature the robust metal used to house the critical data. The Hi-Temp Heavy tags were cut from an interior bulkhead that was at the aft portion of the housing where the data was located. It separated the front section from the aft and was the thickest part of the section. These tags are .25” thick and extremely heavy. They are blue and have a gold etching. Only 4 exist.


The rest of the Hi-Temp tags were cut from the forward and side walls of the housing. They feature orange paint and some have reflective stripes on them. These tags are also very heavy and are .125” thick. They also feature a gold etching.


The Aluminum tags were also cut from the exterior of the box, but were cut from a less critical area that did not need thermal protection. Many of these tags also have reflective strips and other neat features.


The Circuit Board tags are a first and are super slick. Given the life these boxes live, it only seemed appropriate to make tags out of the circuit boards that controlled this recorder. There are only 8 and they come with printed artwork.


Accompanying these tags is a retro inspired FDR/CVR card by BVR. There are only 70 total FDR tags. All variants are super limited.

Flight Data Recorder 209F SN 3407 Tag

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