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When you're out of F-8s, you're out of fighters. The F8U (F-8) Crusader was the last American fighter designed with a gun as the primary weapon. For this reason the F-8 was known as "the Last of the Gunfighters". 


The Jet-Eyes F8U tag has been cut from a roundel panel off an F8U-1. This panel was located on the starboard side of the aircraft, adjacent to where the AIM-9 missiles were mounted. These tags are offered in 13 colorful variants: Bi-Color Red, Bi-Color Black/White, Bi-Color Blue/Grey, Bi-Color Blue/Raw, Bi-Color Blue/White, Tri-Color, Stencil, White (thick/thin), Blue (thick/thin), and Raw (thick/thin). 


The Bi-Color tags are very limited in number. The Tri-Color tags feature varying amounts of Blue, Grey, and White. The thick tags feature aircraft structure/rivets. Although not offered as a separate variant, many of the Bi-color tags feature structure and rivets. These tags will ship first. 


The Bi-Color tags are printed with a full-color F8U. The White, Blue, and Raw tags are printed with a skeletal aircraft. The Stencil are also printed with a skeletal aircraft with outlined text. All tags have a matte finish.


All tags are accompanied with a cardback by BVR that features an F8U firing its 20mm Colt Cannons. 


Only 140 F8U roundel panel tags will ever be made.


**Jet-Eyes is not affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer.** 

F8U-1 Crusader Aircraft Tag

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