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The Hornet has arrived! On this day 43 years ago the F/A-18 left the ground for the first time. It served the US Navy, USMC, and continues to fly with other nations' armed forces. The Hornet was designed as a multi-role fighter and was capable of a vast array of mission sets, making it a valuable asset to have on the flight deck. 


The Jet-Eyes F/A-18 tags have been cut from a carbon fiber roundel access panel that was located on the port side of the aircraft just below the canopy rail. This panel was fitted to aircraft 162844, an F/A-18A+, which served with the NFWS (Top Gun) and the VFC-12 Fighting Omars. 


These tags are the first carbon fiber tags offered by Jet-Eyes. Each is approximately 3/16" thick. Most are a carbon fiber honeycomb and some are solid carbon fiber sheet. Seven total variants are offered: White, Black, Grey, Bi-Color Black/White, Bi-Color Grey/Black, Bi-Color Grey/White, and Tri-Color (White/Black/Grey). Each variant features the same skeletal artwork. The White, Bi-Color Grey/White, and Grey come with black artwork. The Bi-Color Grey/Black and Black tags come with white artwork. The Bi-Color Black/White tags come with grey artwork. The Tri-Color tags come with artwork that contrasted best with the tag coloring, meaning each was custom printed. All tags come with the Red "00" Modex printed on the tag. 


The tags are accompanied by a cardback by BVR. Tag artwork was provided by Planeform. Only 180 F/A-18A+ tags were made. 

F/A-18A+ Hornet BuNo 162844 Aircraft Tag

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