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The Jet-Eyes F-5E Canopy Rail tags were cut from the windscreen of a Northrop F-5E. This windscreen was also used to make the Jet-Eyes MiG-28 tags and the F-5E Canopy tags. Although the ID of the aircraft this windscreen belonged to is unknown, it did come from an adversary unit. 


These tags come in 2 different variants: Type A and Type B. The Type A tags are the thicker and have areas of rubber and adhesive on them. The Type B tags are some of the most unusual tags Jet-Eyes has released. They have variable thicknesses and have a fabric/fiberglass finish in areas. All tags have portions of the rail and the clear canopy, providing for a neat contrast in finishes. 


These tags feature a highly detailed brown tiger stripe F-5E and some tags still have exterior aircraft paint on them. 


These tags are accompanied by a cardback by BVR featuring a section of adversary F-5s. The tag skeletal art was provided by Planeform. 


This tag, along with the MiG-28 tag and the previous F-5 Canopy tag, are part of a 3 tag series of F-5 adversaries. 


**Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer.** 

F-5E Tiger II Canopy Rail Tag

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