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Who is ready for another F-4 tag?! Our second Phantom tag (first F-4E) gets the triangle treatment and is a real stunner.


Every aircraft has a unique history, and 69-0246’s is no different. Originally built as an F-4E Phantom II and later upgraded to a G model, this side number spent much of its time abroad serving the USAF, as well as others… She flew with the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) out of Torrejon, Spain and the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. In addition, this bird was leased to the Imperial Iranian Air Force from 1972-73, well before the 1979 revolution when the Iranian state was one of the US defense industry's best customers! Later, this aircraft would be converted to a QF-4G target drone.


69-0246 was just one of many in a long line of Phantom flying. Over 5,000 F-4s were built between 1958-81, making it the most-produced supersonic military aircraft in history. Originally designed as a two-seat interceptor for the US Navy, the airframe proved to be incredibly versatile across several mission sets and flew with multiple branches and foreign militaries. The F-4 Phantom II produced the last American air combat fighter aces to grace the skies, all flying against the Vietnam People’s Air Force. - A.T. Roberts


Our F-4E tags were cut from the composite vertical stabilizer tip/cap off aircraft 69-0246. This part is green and features the blue tail flash that would have graced this jet while it was based at George AFB. This component was removed and tagged from the aircraft during its transition to a G model.


These tags are offered in 5 variants and 2 Sets: Green, Blue, MC (multi-colored), Tri-Color, and Trailing Edge. The Sets offered are: Solids Set (a Green and Blue tag), and a Spooky Set (Tri-Color and Green tag). The sets are discounted off the normal price.


This component consisted of a composite outer shell and foam inner structure. Most of the tags have a thick foam back. A few are single layer fiberglass without foam. These single layer tags have skin that is a bit thicker. These tags were all laser etched. The colored tags (everything but Green) have been etched down to the bare fiberglass, and a neat artifact of the etching process is that light transfers through the tag when held up to a light source!


The Green tags are solid green and have a super clean etching that reveals a tan color underneath the green paint. To commemorate this jet's time flying with the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF), all Green tags will come with a standard card plus a subdued desert Farsi card! The only way to get the Farsi card is to get a Green tag.


The Multi-Colored tags all have at least 2 colors and a few have small areas of a 3rd color. The majority of these are Blue and White. Some tags have Black on them. Many of the MC and the Tri-Color tags show a red base layer paint. Fulfillment of these is random.


The Tri-Color tags feature Green, Blue, and White paint. Many of these have areas of red on them from previous paint layers and a couple have black on them making for a whopping 5 colors on a few!


The Trailing Edge tags are double-sided full thickness tags, and are solid fiberglass resin (heavy)! There are exactly 2 Tri-Color Trailing Edge tags and these will be fulfilled first followed by Multi-Colored tags and finally, Green.


The cards by BVR feature an F-4E climbing over George AFB. The Green tags will also come with an alternate IIAF card.


These tags were tricky and super time consuming to produce. Due to the variable thicknesses of the paint on the colored tags (all but the Green ones) and the multiple layers of paint on some, these tags were etched one at a time and each element of the etch was done manually. These tags are 100% custom based on the individual tag and how the laser was etching that particular tag. These tags are special, and we are super stoked about the finished result. Like all JET EYES tags, they were 100% made in house.


This is a limited run of only 200 tags. These tags are super unique and colorful and come from a jet with a rich history serving multiple nations.

F-4E Phantom II S/N 69-0246 Aircraft Tag

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