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US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


I'm honored to introduce the Jet-Eyes F-4C Phantom aircraft tag! This tag was cut from forward fuselage panels and components off F-4C 63-7418. This particular Phantom was a very special aircraft. It was a “Lead the Force” aircraft, which means that it was selected to fly a grueling and accelerated flight schedule in order to evaluate the aircraft’s systems and performance after extensive flying. This aircraft was the first USAF F-4 to reach the 1000 and 2000 hr mark. 


There are 10 unique variants to choose from; they are as follows: 


Interior Green – Printed with a subdued grey skeletal aircraft. This is the thinnest variant. 


Exterior (Green, Dark Green, Brown, Bi-Color) - Printed with a full-color camo F-4C. Many have riveted backs and multiple layers. Very few Bi-colors. 


Exterior Thick – Very thick and structured exterior tags; printed with a full-color camo F-4C. They come in various colors. Color is random. These were individually cut and printed. 5 total tags. 


Scoop (Heavy, Light) – White/Green Bi-color tags cut from the ECS ram air scoop on the nose of aircraft; printed with a full-color camo F-4C. The white paint is the stenciled AMARC boneyard inventory number. The Scoop Heavy tags are the thickest solid tags Jet-Eyes has ever sold. Some are over .5” of solid aluminum. These are the thickest and heaviest variant by far. It took 2 days to fully machine cut these tags. The Scoop Light tags have the same color Bi-Color paint as the Scoop Heavy tags, but are the same thickness as the Exterior tags. There are only 9 Scoop Heavy tags and they are S/Ns 1-9. There are only 6 Scoop Light tags. 


Radar Mount – Cut from the telescoping radar mount in the nose of the aircraft; printed with a full-color camo F-4C with yellow text highlights. Some have decals on them. These have a slightly gold finish to them and are .25” thick. There are only 25 Radar Mount tags and they are the second thickest solid tag I’ve ever cut. 


Copper – Cut from an Exterior Lights grounding plate; printed with black skeletal aircraft art. There are only 3 Copper tags.


Phantastic Set: One each of Exterior tags (4), an Interior Green tag, and a Radar Mount tag. 


All tags come with a double-sided cardback with art by BVR on the front. All tags have a lightly polished edge and come with an F-4C loaded out with AIM-7 and AIM-9 missiles. The Planeform art on these tags is the most detailed to date!


***Jet-Eyes tags are cut from real aircraft parts. Jet-Eyes is in no way affiliated with any aircraft manufacturer. *** 

F-4C Phantom S/N 63-7418 Aircraft Tag

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