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The F-15. It may be my favorite aircraft in the inventory. They’re massive winning machines that have been delivering since they first rolled off the line in the mid 1970s.  


The F-15 was introduced in 1976 and 1,198 have been built. The type has over 100 air-to-air victories with zero losses. It is nearly 64 ft long and can climb at 67,050 ft/min with 3 pylons. It’s an undefeated bad guy eating monster that nobody wants to be up against. 


This tag was cut from the rear canopy off an F-15A/C. We love canopy tags as they were how we got start, and these Eagle canopy tags may be our best yet. The canopy was fully deconstructed to its individual components and each will be offered as a separate variant: Grey (cut from the rail), Black (inside the cockpit), McD Green (cut from green inner panels that have the classic McDonnell Douglas green primer on them), Grey Stencil (cut from Grey outer skin with the s/n on them), Canopy Glass (cut from the main portion of the canopy glass), and Canopy Rail (cut from the portion of the canopy that interfaced with the metal rail). The Canopy Glass get our awesome full-color printed design and the Rail tags get a black printed Eagle on them. For a detailed explanation of these please check out the video on the JE Facebook page. A total of 450 canopy tags will be up for grabs; some are very limited. 


Also offered are 2 combo sets: the Eagle Set and the 104/0 set. The Eagle Set will consist of a Grey (Fuselage) Tag and a Canopy Glass Tag. The 104/0 set will a Grey (Canopy) Tag, a Black (Canopy) Tag, and a Grey (Fuselage) Tag. The Fuselage Tags included in the combos can also be purchased individually from their respective listing on the homepage. 


These tags come with a card featuring art by BVR. The whole package is nuts!

F-15 Eagle Canopy Tag

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