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The F-15. It may be my favorite aircraft in the inventory. They’re massive winning machines that have been delivering since they first rolled off the line in the mid 1970s.  


The F-15 was introduced in 1976 and 1,198 have been built. The type has over 100 air-to-air victories with zero losses. It is nearly 64 ft long and can climb at 67,050 ft/min with 3 pylons. It’s an undefeated bad guy eating monster that nobody wants to be up against. 


I have had some legacy F-15 fuselage panels here in the shop since the very early days of JE that I have been wanting to tag. Now is the time! 


The fuselage tags were cut from various panels we prepped years ago. This material was sourced at the same time as the most recent F-14 tag release. They are all-business thick F-15 fuselage tags. It took days and a couple dozen tags to get the etching dialed on these and it looks stunning. They etching is reflective and highly detailed. 300 total Fuselage tags are available and they are broken up into 2 variants: Grey/Green (Grey tags will portions of the McD primer on them), and Grey (solid grey tags). 


These tags come with a card featuring art by BVR. The whole package is nuts!


Please note that these tags are also offered in combo sets that are listed under the "F-15A/C Canopy Tag" listing on the homepage. 

F-15 Eagle Fuselage Tag

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