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These neat chunks are rib sections that were cut from the F-14A Tomcat panels we used for our 160689 and 159836 tag releases. They are offered in 2 variants based on size and thickness: Sparrow and Phoenix. The Phoenix are the largest and heaviest pieces, feature hi-lok fasteners, and have the etching on the front/display side. The Sparrow are generally a little bigger/longer and are not as thick/heavy. They have an area of green primer on the front where the panel was drilled out and removed along with a portion of the grey exterior paint. The etching is on the side of the Sparrow ribs. 


We lightly polished the ends of these and added an etching that features the F-14A tag art. Another neat aspect of these is that some of them have areas on the back that show grinding marks from when we originally removed the skin from these ribs for our tag runs. Get em while you can - there are only a handful available!

F-14A Tomcat Bones

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