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The third round of F-14A tags by Jet-Eyes features 2 familiar aircraft: BuNos 159836 and 160689. These aircraft comprised the first ever F-14 tag to hit the market last year. This release is a continuation of the initial run and uses panels from the same aircraft that were not cut for last year's run. 


This listing is for tags cut from aircraft 159836. The first F-14A tag run featured tags cut into vertical stabilizers with squadron art printed on them. We wanted to pay homage to that initial offering by offering a run that highlighted the aircraft and the squadrons that it served with prior to its retirement: the Black Lions of VF-213, the Aardvarks of VF-114, and the Grim Reapers of VF-101. 


These tags are offered with squadron specific cardbacks by BVR. There are only 150 159836 tags available, meaning only 50 of each squadron are available. Additionally, each tag comes printed with the jet's Modex (side number) next to the BuNo. The Modex printed on the tag corresponds to the side number that was on the aircraft when it served with each squadron! As a former Navy pilot, I can tell you that the side numbers are far more significant than the BuNos to aircrew. Each aircraft has its own personality and we knew each aircraft by this 3 digit code. 


Divided equally among each squadron are 3 variants: Grey, Riveted, and BOB. The Grey tags are single thickness Tomcat grey. The Riveted tags have sections of rivets and additional layers of aluminum and structure. The BOB tags were cut from areas of the panel where the Beware of Blast stencil was. Some are single thickness and some have rivets. Some have a lot of stenciling and others have just a small part of a letter. The paint color is a bit lighter in areas as compared to the first run and some tags even have a bi-color look to them. 


Lastly, a Tom's Set is offered that comes with a Grey tag from each Squadron. 


These tags pop and we're chuffed to once again offer up some Tomcat tags to add to your collection. Adding some squadron elements to these tags really hits home for us and honors the people that operated and maintained these aircraft!

F-14A Tomcat 159836 Aircraft Tag

$135.00 Regular Price
$94.50Sale Price
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