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The F-14 Tomcat needs no introduction. Here is your chance to own a significant piece of aviation history. For sale are tags cut from panels from 2 different F-14A jets: Aircraft 159836 and Aircraft 160689. This page is to purchase tags from Aircraft 159836. Tags from 160689 are available on the home page. These tags are offered in 4 variants each. The variants offered represent the artwork from squadrons these jets flew with while serving in the US Navy. A bi-color tag option is also offered. 40 of each squadron tag will be made and 20 bi-color tags from each panel. Only 140 tags from each panel will be made. Each tag is nearly 1/8" thick and many feature rivets and double thickness skin in areas. 


Orders will ship in 5-10 business days. The pictures are of example tags. Your tags may differ in appearance. Some tags may have chipped paint. 


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