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US Military aircraft designations are used to describe the aircraft from which these tags were cut. Jet-Eyes is not affiliated in any way with any aircraft manufacturer. 


**Limit of 1 Bi-Color variant per customer. Limit of 2 rivet tags per customer (1 per panel). Limit of  3 of all other variants per customer on launch day. Badcat sets and Adversary sets can be purchased in addition to these limits.** 


Jet-Eyes was the first to release an F-14 tag in June of last year and now we’re following it up with an F-14A tag that was cut from panels off a jet that was used at the real Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN).


After serving with operational squadrons, F-14A 161869 was transferred to the Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) where it was painted in blue camo and served as an adversary aircraft. The aircraft was known as “Splinter” and it was the last F-14 to be painted in these colors.


The 161869 F-14A tags were cut from 2 upper fuselage panels that were located just forward of the vertical stabilizers. Tags will be offered in several different variants and will be identified as coming from Panel A (starboard) or Panel B (port). Panel A was a grey and blue panel and Panel B was all blue. All tags feature the same artwork, and the panel they were cut from is highlighted in red on the tag.


Panel A tags will come in 5 different variants: Blue, Grey, Bi-Color Blue, Bi-Color Grey, and Rivet Hole.


Panel B tags will come in 2 variants: Blue and Rivet Hole.


There is also a Badcat set available which consists of a Grey Tag from Panel A and a Blue Tag from Panel B. Due to the very limited quantities of some variants, a full-set of all tags is not offered for this run.  


The majority of these tags are .5” thick with an aluminum honeycomb core. Many tags are a uniform full thickness and some have a portion of the back that is honeycomb.


Due to the orientation of the panel during the cutting process, the Panel A Bi-Color tags have small areas of bi-color paint. Bi-Color blue tags have a majority blue paint and Bi-Color Grey tags have a majority Grey paint. For both panels, the Rivet Hole tags were the most time intensive to cut and most have custom artwork in order to accommodate for the hole location(s). There are very few Bi-Color and Rivet Hole tags. 


All tags come with a killer cardback by BVR and tag art by Planeform. 


Only 200 F-14A 161869 tags will ever be made. 

F-14A 161869 Tomcat "Splinter" Aircraft Tag

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