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Our Block 2 F-117A Vertical Stabilizer tags have arrived! These tags are a reboot of the original "Black Jet" tag and come with a new tag design and card. 


**For combo sets offered that include a Vertical Stabilizer tag plus a new Titanium Fuselage Skin tag, please visit the listing for the Titanium tags on the home page.**


The Asset. The Black Jet. The Wobblin Goblin. Shaba. Ghost. Stinkbug. Cockroach. Publicly unveiled in 1988, the F-117 first flew in 1981. It represented a milestone achievement in stealth technology and saw active combat – most notably in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Although not particularly fast or agile, the jet was quiet and could evade enemy radars thanks to its shape, engine exhaust, and special radar absorbent coating/skin. 59 production F-117s were built, and as of 2023, a few are listed as being used in a training capacity.


The Vertical Stabilizer tags were all cut prior to the original release of the “Black Jet” tag. There were 400 total between interior skin and exterior skin tags. The Block 2 tags are now offered in 3 variants, all cut from exterior skin: Thin (single thickness tags with a black printed design), Riveted (laser etched tags featuring rivets and additional structure), and Hi-Lok (laser etched tags with Hi-Lok fasteners and heavy additional structure).


These tags come on our new cards by BVR and are huge! We only have about a 1/3 left of the original 400 tag run. The Hi-Lok are the most interesting and thick, and the most limited, but all are so good, and cut from one of the most legendary aircraft ever to fly. 


Shipping for the F-117A tags are limited to the US and certain international locations. Please contact us to see if we ship to your location or if you experience difficulty at checkout. We are sorry for any inconvience. 

F-117A Nighthawk Vertical Stabilizer Tag

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