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F-117A + titanium + radical artwork = the best thing we've ever made. Our newest F-117A tag is on another level. Limited to only 117 tags, this is one you don't want to miss. This listing is also the spot to buy a combo set that comes with one of these new snazzy tags + one of our Block 2 Vertical Stabilizer tags (see below). 


The Asset. The Black Jet. The Wobblin Goblin. Shaba. Ghost. Stinkbug. Cockroach. Publicly unveiled in 1988, the F-117 first flew in 1981. It represented a milestone achievement in stealth technology and saw active combat – most notably in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Although not particularly fast or agile, the jet was quiet and could evade enemy radars thanks to its shape, engine exhaust, and special radar absorbent coating/skin. 59 production F-117s were built, and as of 2023, a few are listed as being used in a training capacity.


This new F-117 tag was cut from 2 titanium fuselage panels and has been cut to our Attack tag shape. These panels were originally purchased years ago at auction. We acquired them in late 2022. Like the Vertical Stabilizer tags, the exterior coating was completely removed prior to being sold. If you look closely at pics of the panels prior to cutting, you can see the sawtooth pattern where the coating was removed.


These new tags are offered in 2 variants: Thin and Riveted. The Thin tags are single thickness tags. Some have additional structure and fastener holes. The Riveted tags have part of a riveted stiffener on the back with titanium rivets.


We spent a lot of time dialing in the etching on these. Titanium can be tricky to work with and we arrived at a deep purple/blue etching that perfectly matches the card. These tags have taken longer to etch than anything we’ve done so far. Some elements of the etch are hidden in different lighting environments. These tags are so good; and in my opinion, the best tag we’ve ever produced.


Also available is a titanium card for the titanium fuselage tags. This card comes with green printed art and is stunning. These cards will be a pre-order item. When the buying period for these cards ends, all cards will be made and shipped later. To buy a titanium card, select it from the drop-down menu. These cards can be purchased separately from your tag. 


Combo Sets: 


Black Jet Combo: Titanium Thin tag + Vertical Stabilizer Riveted tag

Stinkbug Set: Titanium Thin Fuselage Tag +Titanium Card + Vertical Stabilizer Thin Tag 


Shipping for the F-117A tags are limited to the US and certain international locations. Please contact us to see if we ship to your location or if you experience difficulty at checkout. We are sorry for any inconvience. 

F-117A Nighthawk Titanium Fuselage Skin Tag

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