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Known as the “Ultimate Interceptor,” or simply ”The Six,” the Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the United States Air Force’s primary interceptor through much of the Cold War era. After its retirement in the 1980s, some airframes were converted into Target Drones under the Pacer Six program. These aircraft were capable of being flown remotely or with a pilot.


The F-106 was designed without a gun and carried all its weapons housed in internal bays. Its primary role was to intercept and shoot down enemy bombers with its air-to-air missiles. Although its employment in Vietnam was considered, the aircraft never saw combat.


This tag was cut from missile bay doors off of an F-106A and are offered in 3 variants: Grey (single thickness outer skin tags), Grey Rivets (grey outer skin tags with rivets), and Green (internal missile bay skin). All tags are laser etched and come on a card with art by Ryan Quickfall. Only 500 F-106A Missile Bay Door tags are available. 


A Delta Set is available that includes a Grey F-106A tag, a Green F-106A tag, and a QF-106A tag. For more info on the QF-106A tag please see its listing on the homepage. 

F-106A Delta Dart Missile Bay Door Tag

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