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Answering the call for a supersonic interceptor, the F-102 Delta Dagger was an early iteration of a group of aircraft known as the century series fighters. It was purpose-built to zorch out to high altitudes and directly combat fleets of Soviet bombers, primarily the Tu–95 Bear. This was known as the “bomber gap,” an early manifestation of the capabilities-obsessed paranoia in the nascent days of the Cold War, this now-infamous theory stemmed from an air power demonstration over Moscow in 1955 when a wave of Soviet bombers overflew the city. To make the display appear more impressive, the aircraft flew out of sight, circled, and made multiple passes; giving the illusion that waves of bombers were approaching in succession. American and allied governments were duped by this simplistic trick and began the process of bolstering their air arms’ capabilities to combat this imaginary fleet.


Since technology and requirements were advancing faster than production would allow, the Delta Dagger was obsolete by the time the last airframe rolled off the assembly line. It saw limited use during the Vietnam conflict, but lived on as an unmanned target drone and pilot trainer; it was famously used by the first crop of NASA astronauts to maintain flying proficiency during their grueling space-flight training. Regardless, the F-102—as well as the rest of the century series aircraft—is a breathtaking design with its delta-wing cut and aluminum glisten, and it is the product of one of the most fascinating eras in American military history. – A.T. Roberts


The JET EYES F-102A tags were cut from an elevon off this delta wing fighter. The elevon consisted of aluminum skin with honeycomb in the trailing edge. These tags are offered in 4 variants plus a combo: Trailing Edge, 01, Grey, and The Deuce. Also up for grabs are a few full sets that include all 4 at a discounted price. 


The Trailing Edge tags are the slickest tags of the bunch and feature a full thickness cross-section of the elevon that was cut right at the trailing edge. They are double-sided with honeycomb in the middle and solid aluminum at the top of the tag. A few have significant portions of solid aluminum. These are thick and interesting tags that have been laser etched… and there aren’t many available.


The 01 tags were cut from a buzz number decal on the elevon that was dark blue. These tags feature a blue/grey bi-color finish with laser etched art. These are the only multi-colored tags offered this launch and are also very limited. Many tags cut from this 01 panel had just small fragments of blue – not enough to be an 01 tag. These tags with smaller amounts of blue will be included with other variants (see below).


The Grey comprise most of the tags offered and come with black printed art. These tags are mostly single layer with some featuring rivets and additional structure.


It’s been a minute since we’ve offered a full-color printed tag. "The Deuce" tags are grey tags that feature alternate radical full-color printed artwork to match the card by BVR. They complement the cards really nicely and are limited to only 50. Also lumped into this variant are tags that have small blue fragments of the 01 decal that didn’t quite make the cut for that variant.


Also offered on launch day only are a few Dagger Sets that include a Trailing Edge tag, and a "The Deuce" tag that is 25% off the standalone price.


There you have it - the second JET EYES Century Series fighter tag! Only 300 are available with several very limited offerings. 

F-102A Delta Dagger Elevon Tag

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