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The E-3 Sentry! Several months ago an opportunity arose to get some E-3 skin from 3 RAF birds that were being recycled. A great friend of mine in the UK helped get this material to us ASAP and the rest is history.


The RAF operated 7 E-3Ds, all nicknamed after one of the Seven Dwarfs from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The RAF began operating the E-3D in 1991 and the final RAF E-3D operational sortie took place in 2021.


This week’s release is a 3-part rodeo. Tags cut from 3 different E-3Ds will be up for grabs: 125 tags cut from ZH101, 500 tags cut from ZH102, and 125 tags cut from ZH107. All are quite different and were cut from different areas of the jets. THIS LISTING IS FOR TAGS CUT FROM ZH102.


Tags cut from ZH102 were cut from one of the roundels on the side of the jet near the cockpit. These tags are super colorful and are the meat and potatoes of this release. In total there are 11 variants offered: Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey/Yellow, Grey/Red, Grey/Blue, Red/Blue, Yellow/Blue, Tri-Color, and Riveted. The Riveted tags are a random selection of some of the more structured tags of the bunch. All tags come with a laser etched design and tags purchased the first week will come with the aircraft’s nickname, “Dopey,” etched on the back.


There are a few sets available as well. The Solids Set includes all the solid color tags: Grey, Yellow, Red, and Blue. 


Also available is a Magic Set that includes a Thick ZH101 tag, a Bi-Color Grey ZH107 tag, and a XXX ZH102 tag. 


And to spice things up even more, we are offering these tags on our brand-new cards! These cards feature a new design layout and back, and will be printed in house alongside the tags. The new card layout and artwork was provided by BVR.


A total of 500 ZH102 tags are availble for sale. Most of the multi-colored tags are very limited. 

E-3D Sentry ZH102 Fuselage Tag

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