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Kill the Fleet! The latest (and the first metal) release in the Jet-Eyes F-5 Tiger II tag series may be the coolest yet. These tags were cut from 2 parts of a F-5E/N that served with VFC-111: the metal avionics bay fuselage panel on the nose of the aircraft and the rudder. The avionics bay door is painted grey, and the rudder features the iconic red and white VFC-111 Sundowners art.


VFC-111 is a US Navy adversary squadron based out of NAS Key West. The unit was formerly a detachment of VFC-13 but was officially established as VFC-111 in 2006. The squadron is staffed with experienced active-duty and reserve aircrew who provide fleet squadrons with high quality air combat training.


The Jet-Eyes F-5E/N tags are offered in: Red, White, Bi-Color Red/White, Grey, and Trailing Edge. All but the Grey tags were cut from the rudder. There is also a Bandit Set that includes a Bi-color and Grey tag. The Trailing Edge tags come in Red, White, and Bi-Color Red/White. They are all double-sided. Due to their limited availability, these will be fulfilled randomly; you won’t know what color you’re getting until you open the box! There are very few Trailing Edge and Bi-Color tags.


There were multiple layers of paint on the rudder. Some tags cut from the rudder have darker reds. Cutting these was tricky due to the paint condition, which was quite fragile in some areas. A lot of corrosion was found under the skin as well, which limited the number of tags cut from the rudder significantly.


These tags are accompanied by a cardback by BVR featuring a Sundowner jet over warm Key West waters.

F-5E/N Tiger II Adversary Aircraft Tag

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