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Given the popularity of our FDR tags, we thought a Cockpit Voice Recorder tag would be a worthy addition to our Flight Recorder family of tags!


We grabbed this Model AV557B (Ser No. 218) Cockpit Voice Recorder at the same time as the 209F Flight Data Recorder. Like the FDR, this device is bright orange. Unlike the FDR, this recorder was made of stainless steel! We love stainless here as the etching always looks so good! These tags are limited to only 35 and come in 2 variants: Orange and CVR. The CVR tags feature portions of the “Cockpit Voice Recorder” stenciling on the sides and top of the outer housing. The Orange tags are solid orange.


Accompanying the FDR and CVR tags is a retro inspired card by BVR.


Cockpit Voice Recorder AV557B SN 218 Tag

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