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The Grumman C-2A Greyhound - a derivative of the E-2 Hawkeye, first flew in November of 1964. It has served the US Navy in the role of Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) and is slated to be replaced by the CMV-22.


The E-2C and C-2A share many similar parts and systems. These tags were cut from one of these shared or interchangeable components, the flaps.


These flaps were unearthed at an aircraft boneyard. The first one I spotted was wedged between 2 trees and when I saw it, I knew it looked familiar. Rubbing the data plate with a little water confirmed my thoughts: Aircraft Mod: E-2C/C-2A.


I’ve wanted to release a tag from one of these 2 aircraft for some time, but getting a part common to both aircraft was super neat, and splitting up the run to feature both aircraft was the only way to launch these tags. These aircraft are forever connected, and this run was split up to highlight that connection.


The JET EYES E-2C Hawkeye / C-2A Greyhound tags consist of 300 total tags, split up into 2 150 tag runs – 150 for each aircraft. They are cut from the same part, and both are offered in 5 variants: White, Red, Red/White, Red/Red, and Interior Green. The White and Interior Green tags feature printed art that showcases the iconic 8-bladed prop. All other variants are laser etched and show the props spinning. There is also an IRONWORKS set that includes a White E-2C and a White C-2A tag.


There will be an Ironworks Set offered that includes an E-2 and C-2 tag. Many variants feature thick tags and rivets. There are only a handful of multi-colored tags. This listing is for the C-2 tags only. The E-2C tags can be purchased from the home page.


The cards for these 2 tags are unquestionably my favorite by BVR. And to add to the delivery, my bud at Planeform (who provided the tag art) is a former C-2 pilot!


There are only 150 total C-2A tags available.


C-2A Greyhound Aircraft Tag

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