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Welcome to our "block 2" C-141 tags. These tags now come on our updated cards. 


I’ve been rummaging around boneyards for over a decade and in that time I have come across very little military C-141 material. It’s a big jet that holds a special place in the hearts of those who flew and crewed it. The aircraft was used to fly POWs out of Vietnam after the war and a MAC C-141 was used in the very first strategic Operation Desert Shield flight. 285 Starlifters were produced and the aircraft remained in service until 2006. 


This release is limited to only 141 tags. The grey fuselage panel we used for this run yielded the most fitting number of tags for our first Starlifter release. The panel was made of aluminum and portions of it had a honeycomb core. 


Our C-141 tags are offered in 2 variants: Thin and Thick. The “Thin” tags are anything but with all having at least 2 layers of aluminum and some have additional structure and fastener holes. The Thick tags feature full-thickness honeycomb backs and range from .375 - .5” thick. They have a similar feel/thickness to our C-5 tags. These tags come laser etched and come with a smashing card by BVR. 


There is also a Thin/Thick combo available that includes both variants at a discounted price. 


This tag is a special and the entire package looks so good. Again, only 141 of these stellar tags are available and we expect them to go quick!

C-141 Starlifter Fuselage Tag

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