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The C-130 has been one of the most requested tags since we started all this last year, and it’s no surprise given how venerable an aircraft it is. The Hercules was introduced in 1956 and is wildly versatile. The C-130J - the newest variant was introduced in 1999. Over 2500 C-130s have been produced.


The Jet-Eyes C-130 tag was cut from a grey Allison T56 upper engine nacelle panel. The T56 itself has a storied history itself - powering a number of military turboprop aircraft (P-3C, E-2, C-2, etc). These tags are offered in 4 variants: Thin Grey, Thick Grey, Heavy, and MTOW. The Thin Grey tags are single layer. The Thick Grey have additional structure or rivets. The Heavy tags are extremely thick in areas and have multiple layers of material. The MTOW “tags” are nuts. They are the thickest tag ever to leave the shop and will come with an alternate hanging system. Some MTOW tags are uniformly thick and other have a section of the tag that is thick. If you’re looking for something to hang on your keyring, the MTOW aren’t going work for you. All tags feature the same laser etched art.


Only 130 tags are offered with very limited numbers of the thicker variants.


These tags are accompanied by a cardback by BVR with C-130 frontal tag art by Planeform. 

C-130 Hercules Aircraft Tag

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