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The Jet-Eyes PT-27 tag was cut from the fuel tank and components off Boeing PT-27 s/n 75-3993. This PT-27 was manufactured on 8 Jun 1942 and served with the RCAF under the Lend Lease Act. The PT-27 was the designation given to PT-17s (or more commonly, Stearmans) that served with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Only 300 were supplied to the RCAF for training. Aircraft 75-3993 assigned to the No 1 British Flying Training School in Terrell, TX, where it trained WWII RAF pilots. Over 10,000 Stearmans were produced. 


These tags are offered in 2 variants: Fuel Tank Green and Sheet Metal. A combo set is also available. 


The Fuel Tank Green tags were cut from the original fuel tank. These fuel tank tags feature original green paint from the fuel tank and yellow printed art. A total of 150 tags will be available for sale. These tags come with a cardback featuring artwork by Navy pilot Tim Steiner. 


The Sheet Metal tags were cut from an insulator panel above the main fuel tank in the upper wing. These tags measure 2" in diameter. These tags are the VERY FIRST Jet-Eyes metal tag ever cut. They were originally released last year and were only available for a short time. This re-release features similar artwork as the original and orders placed on launch day will come with a bonus – the original cardback that was offered with these tags last year. There are only 40 of these tags available. 


Aircraft 75-3993 still flies to this day and is a plane I have personally flown several times! We are honored to offer a tag cut from a plane that played a crucial role in training Allied Airmen during WWII. 

PT-27 Stearman 75-3993 Fuel Tank Tag

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