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A Buccaneer reboot! We're pleased to annonuce that we will be updating a few early JE tags and give them the enhanced JE treatment - these mods include a new card and a new tag design. One of those tags is the Blackburn Buccaneer XX892 engine cover tag. Despite only having about 100 of these tags left, I really felt like it needed to go out with a bang. These tags will be part of the original 215 tag run and serial numbers will pick-up where the original run left off.


The new tag/card is absolutely stunning and HUGE - easily the biggest tag we’ve ever made. Back when we originally released this tag all of the material was processed and cut, so this “new” Buccaneer tag shares the exact same shape as original. One is not better, but this new version is more in line with our current specs. The card art for this project was provided by Ryan Quickfall and it perfectly captures the jet’s presence. 


The Buc was a tough attack jet that served the RAF/RN until the mid 90s. 

Aircraft XX892 was one of only a few Buccaneers to participate in Operation Granby, The Liberation of Kuwait in 1990. During Operation Granby the aircraft saw combat and wore 8 mission symbols, signified by 8 bomb stencils below its canopy rail. Like our first printed version of this tag, these 8 stencils are etched on the front of this tag to commemorate its service. 


The original XX892 tag was offered in 4 variants: Inner White skin, Outer Grey skin, Outer Green skin, and a very limited Bi-color Camouflage. This re-release of XX892 is limited to about 100 tags and is only offered in the 2 variants we have left: Outer Grey and Outer Green skin. The etching on this tag is highly detailed and looks great with the 8 Paveway stencils along the top - right next to starboard canopy rail - where these stencils were located on the jet. 


Again, only 100 of these updated tags are available so act fast! 

Blackburn Buccaneer XX892 Fuselage Tag

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