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It's time for more heavy metal. This jet has been on my list since we sold out of the first JE B-52 Bomb Bay door tags, and I cannot say enough about how awesome these turned out. 


The Stratofortress needs no introduction. It has served the USAF for over 70 years, can carry 70K of munitions, and has a combat range of nearly 9,000 miles without refueling. And it's smoked a lot of bad dudes. 


The B-52G tags were cut from the Co-Pilot Escape Hatch off of aircraft 58-0170. This aircraft is a Gulf War vet and was known as "Special Delivery II." There are some excellent pics of this aircraft available online along with model kits and lithographs. 


The B-52G tags are offered in 5 variants: Stencil, Greens, Sanded, Light Green, and Raw. There are also a very limited number of D/G Combo sets available that include a Thin B-52D Outrigger Landing Gear Door tag and a Greens B-52G Co-Pilot Escape Hatch Tag. 


The Stencil tags feature yellow stenciling that was part of the RESCUE arrow or other stencils on the exterior of the hatch. Some are more subtle than others. Some have areas of sanded paint. These are the most striking B-52G tags and only a few are available.


The Greens all feature exterior paint that covers the majority (if not all) of the front of the tag. A few have small areas of paint missing, many have rivet holes, and no two are alike. Some have a brownish hue, and some are lighter.


The Sanded tags feature partial paint coverage and have areas where the paint was removed, likely for repair work. These tags are super interesting and are visually the most exciting of the lot.


The Light Green tags feature very light exterior paint/primer and have a unique look to them. There are only a few of these tags.


The Raw tags were cut from areas of the hatch that had been fully removed of paint. They come with printed art and are super sharp, clean tags.


These tags come with a radical card by BVR. 


200 B-52G tags are available tomorrow and less than 100 are Stencil or Greens. 

B-52G 58-0170 Co-Pilot Escape Hatch Tag

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